Genre Entertainment
Closing 20/09/2009

Ben Hur Live transports audiences back 2,000 years to the time of Christ, to spectacularly tell the love story of Judah and the beautiful slave girl Esther.

Set on a 2,500 square metre stage, Ben Hur Live is an epic 360-degree experience featuring the chariot race – made so famous by the Charlton Heston film – using five authentic quadriga chariots to stage the legendary contest.

Staged by producer Franz Abraham, Ben Hur Live also features an incredible sea battle with galley and more daring stunts than you can shake a toga at.

Ben Hur Live leads the audience on a fantastic journey through deserts, on high seas and into the hectic crowds of an Arabian bazaar, offering a dazzling kaleidoscope of human life and breathtaking action.

Following its world premiere in London, Ben Hur Live embarks on a European tour including performances in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, France and Spain.

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