Closing 09/02/2013
Running Time 3h

William Adams, known in Japanese as Anjin, was an English maritime pilot who is believed to be the first Englishman to ever reach Japan. His story is brought to the stage in this stunning new play, Anjin: The Shogun And The English Samurai, directed by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Artistic Director, Gregory Doran.

Washed ashore on a strange and exotic land, Anjin soon finds himself as the trusted adviser to the powerful Shogun Tokugawa, drawn to the heart of a dangerous clash of cultures and struggle for power, whilst war threatens to erupt all around. Torn between two worlds and two lives, Anjin must decide who he really is and where he really belongs.

An epic and compelling tale of friendship, honour, love and sacrifice, this beautifully staged new production stars the celebrated Japanese actor Masachika Ichimura alongside Stephen Boxer, Yuki Furukawa and an international cast direct from Japan and the UK.

Anjin: The Shogun And The English Samurai is performed in English and Japanese with surtitles in both languages.

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