Closing 11/02/2012

One of Britain’s top political comedians brings his latest show Armchair Revolutionary to the Soho.

The disenfranchised masses of the world have risen against oppression, teamed up with technology, and fought for freedom. In a joke-packed show encompassing revolutions, economic idiocy, political and social upheaval, a well-crafted Edith Piaf gag and some puns about dogs, Zaltzman taps his British coffee table in approval, and wonders if he’d have the cast iron cojones to do likewise.

Co-star alongside John Oliver of the worldwide smash hit podcast The Bugle, regular on BBC 5Live’s 7 Day Sunday, sporadic appearer on Radio 4, and’s leading cricket satirist, Zaltzman returns to Soho following a storming Edinburgh Fringe run and a totally sold-out one-night tour of Bangladesh’s only comedy club.

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