Genre Entertainment
First Performance 19/10/2008
Closing 20/10/2008

Andrew Maxwell’s Supernatural

if.comedy and Time Out nominee Andrew Maxwell presents a brand new hour of five-star comedy. Fresh from sell-out houses at the Edinburgh Fringe, Maxwell recounts some of his experiences of the last year from performing at Dublin’s maximum security prison to performing for the IRA in a programme for the BBC. If you like your comedy funny and your storytelling memorable, this is the show for you.

Rhod Gilbert And The Award-Winning Mince Pie

The multi award-winning Welsh misery returns with his hilarious new show following sell-out hits at the Edinburgh festival in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008

A service station somewhere. Christmas 2007. About 02:40.

Gilbert finds himself standing in the coffee shop bit, armed with a travel pillow, a flask and a very powerful torch, aggressively demanding to know more about an 'Award-winning mince pie' on display on the counter.

Suddenly aware of what he is doing, Rhod is forced to acknowledge that he may be having a very mild nervous breakdown. How did it come to this? He doesn’t even like mince pies. The pressures of living in a tedious, pointless and absurd world surrounded by idiots have finally taken their toll. Perhaps he should never have left his fantasy world of Llanbobl in the first place.

This is the slightly ridiculous story of how one mince pie broke the camel’s back.

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