Closing 14/06/2009
Running Time 2h

Amongst Friends centres on a successful and happy couple, journalist Lara and her ex-MP and crime writer husband Richard. Having moved to a fashionable ‘gated community’, they invite their old neighbours Caitlin and Joe to dinner. When the security system fails, an uninvited guest descends and the dinner party takes quite a different turn.

Amongst Friends is a darkly comic social satire, poking fun at modern day fears and double standards.

Playwright April De Angelis’s other plays include Catch, Hush and Wild East for the Royal Court, A Warwickshire Testimony for the Royal Shakespeare Company and A Laughing Matter for Out Of Joint. Her play The Positive Hour premiered at the Hampstead in 1997.

Amongst Friends is the second new play in Hampstead theatre’s 50th anniversary season and is directed by Artistic Director Anthony Clark.

For more about Amongst Friends at Hampstead Theatre read the First Night Feature or the Big Interview with James Dreyfus.

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