Genre Entertainment
Closing 19/04/2008

AFRIKA! AFRIKA! celebrates more than 100 artists, dancers, singers and musicians with unique and special talents.

In order to create this show, the troupe travelled through Africa for two years between Mali and Morocco, and Egypt and South Africa, to all the coasts and the heart of the continent to find more than 100 artists, eccentrics, dancers, singers and musicians who had that special something.

From pole artists from the troupe “Hakuna Matata, (Swahili for no worries here) who will have you holding your breath as they swing back and forth on poles, nearly touching the top of the tent, while other dancers build a dizzingly high human pyramid, to body eccentrics who bend and curve into proud snake-like formations, to the so-called water man, Dickson Oppong, who makes bowls dance on top of a metre-high fountain which is spewing from his mouth, the show is full with amazing performers doing strange and wonderful feats.

A combination of traditional and modern music enchants all these performances, including the entrances of the athletic dancers when they make off with the audience on a journey to the “continent of awe.

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