Closing 05/07/2014
Running Time 2h

Acclaimed theatremaker Tim Crouch returns to the Royal Court with a piece that marries his fascination with form to a thrilling story of misappropriation.

Directed by Crouch, Adler And Gibb is based on the lives of conceptual artists Janet Adler and Margaret Gibb and tells the tale of a raid on a house, a reality and a legacy.

The children swing their legs on the chairs. The student delivers the presentation. The older woman stands with the gun. The young couple arrives at the house. The house is returning to nature. A movie is being made. The truth is being plundered. But the house is still lived in and the spirit to resist is strong.

Crouch’s previous credits at the Royal Court include 2010’s The Author, while elsewhere he has found success with Shakespeare adaptations I, Malvolio and I, Cinna (The Poet).

Adler And Gibb is suitable for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

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