Closing 12/11/2011
Running Time 1h50

A Walk In The Woods is a powerful drama about US and Soviet nuclear arms negotiators’ battle for supremacy.

Originally performed at Northern Stage, Vermont, A Walk In The Woods is set in the Reagan-Brezhnev era of the Cold War. It shows how the relationship between two arms negotiators evolves as they stroll in the woods above Geneva, away from the glare of the negotiating table. But will this escape lead to a true breakthrough of just more posturing?

In this revised version of the play, which premiered in 1988, a woman plays the role of the US negotiator, reflecting the more recent appointments of women such as Madeleine Allbright, Condolezza Rice and Hillary Clinton to positions of diplomatic power in the US.

For more about A Walk In The Woods at the Tricycle theatre read the First Night Diary.


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