Closing 24/08/2013
Running Time 2h45

Bursting with music and dance, this gripping drama charts the rise and fall of legendary leader Patrice Lumumba, whose passionate determination to free his people from Belgian rule inspired great courage and betrayal.

A Season In The Congo tells the true story of the 1960 Congo rebellion and assassination of the political leader Patrice Lumumba in three turbulent acts. After taking control of the newly-formed coalition government, the charismatic leader is immediately beset by resistance from European economic interests, American policymakers and longsimmering tribal divisions. Securing the assistance of a UN peacekeeping force only serves to further divide the Congolese people as Belgian arms and soldiers start to pour into the country. Stripped of his position and placed under house arrest, Lumumba attempts a final march to power but is fatally betrayed by a former ally. A Season in the Congo received its world premiere at the Venice Biennale in 1967 and now has its UK premiere at the Young Vic.


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