Closing 20/04/2013

Director Carrie Cracknell teams up with Olivier Award-winning writer Simon Stephens and Olivier Award-winning designer Ian MacNeil to produce a new version of Ibsen’s 19th century classic A Doll’s House.

Nora’s life seems perfect: beautiful children, elegant home and an adoring, successful husband. But beneath the surface her life is shot through with lies and deception. As events cause the truth to burst through the veneer, she’s shocked to discover how radically her life has to change and how strong her moral reserve needs to be.

One of the most controversial plays of the late 19th century, Ibsen’s masterpiece caused huge waves for its stringent and insightful critique of social and domestic relationships. Over one hundred years later his play still has power and resonance today.

Simon Stephens is one of the most successful UK playwrights, who returns to the Young Vic following his acclaimed adaptation of Jon Fosse’s I Am The Wind.



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