In rehearsal: Labyrinth

Published August 9, 2016

If you’ve ever wondered how to dominate the financial markets – or maybe just a Monopoly board – then the Hampstead Theatre’s latest original production, Labyrinth, could be the one for you.

An exploration of the gluttonous and morally bankrupt actions of Wall Street that led to a catastrophic economic crisis with decades-long ramifications, playwright Beth Steel’s latest show promises to be a thriller. So what does it take to wield such harrowing influence?

According to our rehearsal images: phones, phones, and more phones, with cables all over the shop.  Mix in a smart suit jacket with a concerned expression or two, and the commercial world is your oyster.

Labyrinth will arrive at the Hampstead Theatre from 1 September, telling the tale of a fresh-faced but adept banker in 1970s New York who swiftly comes to realise his dreams of unimaginable wealth, luxury and power – and all for the small price of the economic stability of developing Latin America countries to whom he sells loans.

Tickets can be purchased through the theatre’s website.

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