Four Minutes Twelve Seconds

Published November 13, 2015

What’s it all about?

A video – one of those kinds of videos – that makes its way online.

That’s a problem in itself for the two individuals involved but when questions of consensuality begin to arise, it throws the accused’s family into turmoil, resulting in copious amounts of lies and some dubious decision-making.

Who’s in it?

Kate Maravan is brilliantly neurotic as Jack’s mother. Confrontational, protective and constantly asking questions to try to make sense of it all, she paints a compelling and authentic portrait of a parent torn between ensuring her son has a bright future and teaching him an important lesson.

Jonathan McGuinness, as the father David, provides a more calming presence as he tries desperately to contain the situation, spilling lies in order to protect Jack’s acts as well as his own.

The four-strong cast is completed by Ria Zmitrowicz as a gutsy but broken Cara and Anyebe Godwin as a touchingly sensitive Nick.

Jack, the boy whose actions are explored in this thought-provoking piece, is absent from the production.

What should I look out for?

The twists and turns in James Fritz’s suspense-filled script that throw you completely off the story’s scent.

A humorous reference to Disney’s The Lion King: just one of the playwright’s lines that sparkles with wit.

In a nutshell?

Four Minutes, Twelve Seconds is 88 minutes, 40 seconds (approximately) of compulsive drama about a topical and provocative subject that will no doubt stay relevant for much longer…

What’s being said on Twitter?

Will I like it?

Yes, undoubtedly, and you’ll be one of many. Audiences at the Hampstead Downstairs, where the production premiered in 2014, loved it before it even made it to the Trafalgar Studios. The Olivier Awards judges liked it so much they deemed it worthy of a 2015 Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre nomination. And, with its outstanding performances, shocking revelations and questions about the meaning of consent, we couldn’t agree with them more.

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds is playing at the Trafalgar Studio 2 until 5 December. You can book tickets though the venue’s website.