Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax

Published December 16, 2015

What’s it all about?

In a wonderful forest where animals thrive,

A furry old critter helps keep trees alive.

The entry of Once-ler, a greedy young man,

Threatens The Lorax’s natural plan.

As Once-ler chops trees to make Thneeds and buy stuff,

What used to be paradise starts to look rough.

Pollution fills up the once crystal clear sky.

The once-happy animals start to say “Bye”.

What used to be Eden soon turns to grime

And, oh yes, the story is all told in rhyme.

Who’s in it?

S. Paisley Day plays the Once-ler with vim.

“A victim of circumstance” may describe him

For though he’s at fault for the state of the land,

The pressures of family do force his hand.

His fabulous Once-ler, whose heart is misguided,

Has good in his soul so should not be derided.

The great Simon Lipkin gives voice to The Lorax

Who won’t do destruction, not with chainsaw nor axe.

With the help of two co-stars, one Ben and one Laura,

Whose puppet control could not be much surer,

He gives life to London’s most loveable critter

Who moves between jubilant, saddened and bitter.

What should I look out for?

The Lorax, himself, is a sight to behold.

His glorious moustache is wonderfully bold.

And though he is so incredibly old

His movement is joyful, if the truth be told.

Finn Caldwell’s puppets are filled with delight,

From fishes that hum to swans full of flight.

Rob Howell’s bright design has echoes of Seuss

Despite the show’s lack of goose and of moose.

And Mr McOnie’s exuberant movement

Again is a very impressive achoovement.

In a nutshell?

This family hit, in rhyme and in song,

With one vital message, deserves to run long.

What’s being said on Twitter?

Will I like it?

If my rhyming writing feels much like a chore-ax

You might want to give a wide berth to The Lorax.

But then you would miss the most glorious show

With a thumping great moral about what we grow

And that which we choose to destroy on this planet.

No right-minded critic would surely dare pan it.

The songs are a treat, the performances great,

There’s nothing for any show-watcher to hate.

And so I do claim, in a tone that is fit,

The Lorax a wonderful, fabulous hit.

The Lorax plays at The Old Vic Theatre until 16 January. You can book The Lorax tickets with us here.

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