Derren Brown: Miracle

Published November 18, 2015

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wanted to witness a unicorn appear in front of your eyes, bring dinosaurs back from the dead or swap bodies with a loved one in your very own freakiest of Fridays? Well, have we got the show for you…

Okay, absolutely none of that happens in Derren Brown’s latest West End, mind-boggling, completely unexplainable spooky offering (or does it…?*) but here’s the trick, audiences (and especially the press) are sworn to complete secrecy as to its contents but we are encouraged to make it up instead. Hence the aforementioned unicorns.

So, what can I tell you without spoiling what is a genuinely jaw-dropping ride? Expect those now famous Derren envelopes concealing contents that will blow your mind, sceptical audience members powerfully put in their place, a smattering of vaudevillian magic tricks placed strategically to gently entertain and give you a break from all those feats sure to scramble your brain and moments of inspirational life teachings. Because this isn’t just ‘magic’, Miracle might just have the power to change the story of your life; or at the very least the way you tell it.

Who’s in it?

Derren obviously. Back with his long-time collaborator director (and, crucially we expect, magician) Andy Nyman, he’s on full charismatic form; by the end even the most squirming anti participation members of the audience are itching for him to choose them to come up on stage as he powerfully conducts the space, a mix between the most popular boy in school and a magnetic preacher (only the smallest of clues there).

The evening is very much divided into two: the first act filled with tongue in cheek banter and a series of impressive but not particularly show stealingly mind control tricks and sleight of hand. The second act is where things get creepy, baffling and downright weird as everyone is encouraged to experience a bona fide miracle or two…

What should I look out for?

Your concentration the following day. This show should come with a warning: you are unlikely to be able to think about anything else for some time. Expect debates with friends, frequent day dreaming about Brown choosing you as his magical apprentice (just me?!) and truly unsolvable riddles keeping you up at night.

In a nutshell?

Derren Brown does it again with a truly miraculous show. Whether his powers are all psychological deduction, old fashioned tricks or something else entirely, he is pure magic live on stage.

What’s being said on Twitter?

Will I like it?

If you’re a fan, I think it’s safe to say you’ll never be disappointed by Brown; he controls (no pun intended) the room like no one else, a born performer radiating warmth and confidence. Throw into that a powerful lesson on happiness and a genuinely outstanding series of events and even the non plussed are left mouth gaping. Expect nothing less than miracles. You won’t be disappointed.   

Derren Brown: Miracle is playing until 16 January. You can book tickets through the show’s website.

*it really doesn’t.