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The Phantom Of The Opera’s Harriet Jones and Liam Tamne

The Phantom Of The Opera's Harriet Jones and Liam Tamne

Day In The Life: Phantom Of The Opera

Published 17 September 2014

Liam Tamne is back on the London stage and starring in The Phantom Of The Opera. For those of us who’ve experienced his theatrical performances, this news is only good. But it could have been so different.

In 2013 Tamne became a contestant on BBC talent contest The Voice. Not just a contestant, in fact, but, following his remarkable audition, one of the favourites to win. When coach cut him from his team, viewers, fellow coaches and Kate Bush – who wrote him a letter of support – were shocked.

“It broke me as a person,” he tells me as we chat about his stage return as Raoul, a role he has always coveted, “but I don’t think mentally I would have been able to cope with the stress that [progressing any further] would have put me under.”

Broken and rebuilt, with new celebrity fans, Tamne, it’s surprising to hear, was equally “daunted” and “frightened” by returning to the theatre, and not just because he was entering the Phantom’s lair. A few years away from the theatre had let doubts haunt his mind like metaphysical masked monstrosities.

Possibly that’s a melodramatic exaggeration, but we like the imagery.

Now more comfortable in the role, Tamne agreed to shed a little much needed light into the darkness of the Phantom’s lair by taking us behind the scenes with a photo diary of a day in his life:


Woke up for my breakfast at 45 Park Lane Hotel. It’s a beautiful place for preparing for a long day ahead of me at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Liam Tamne's hotel 


Took Daphne out for a long walk.  As you can see she loves a good stick.

Liam's dog Daphne gets a walk 


Quick photo opportunity with John Ellis. He plays Piangi in the show. This is at the hotel before we head into rehearsals.

A quick selfie with John Ellis 


Here is my dressing room…

Liam Tamne's dressing room 


… making it feel like home with photos of two of the shows I’ve done before 😉

Liam Tamne makes his dressing room feel like home 


And flowers from my agent. They’re nice. Aren’t they beautiful?

Liam Tamne's flowers


My dressing room mirror surrounded by cards from my first night.

Liam Tamne's card-decorated mirror 


Chilling in my dressing room – yo yo yo.

Liam Tamne selfie 


Meet Blake, my dresser. We worked together way back in 2006 in panto land in Manchester.

Blake, Liam Tamne's dresser 


Finishing touches before the first scene. Meet Jane…

Liam Tamne prepares to perform in The Phantom Of The Opera 


A little touch up before the beginning of Act 2.

Liam Tamne gets spruced up before Act 2 


A quick break in Act 2 with Harriet who plays Christine. She’s too funny, she constantly makes me laugh. 

Harriet Jones and Liam Tamne 


Finish up the day with a cuddle up with my daughter. Too cute, right?

Liam Tamne's dog, Daphne


If Liam’s photo diary has intrigued you, you can find out more about The Phantom Of The Opera and book tickets here.


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