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Rolan Bell

Rolan Bell

A day in the life: Rapunzel’s Rolan Bell

Published 10 December 2015

Here at Official London Theatre we drink a lot of tea – and by a lot of tea I mean we singlehandedly keep PG Tips, Tetley and Twinings in business – so when we meet fellow theatre lovers with the same caffeine-consuming capabilities we instantly know they’re a good egg.

Of course, we already knew that about Rolan Bell after meeting him following his Olivier Award nomination earlier this year. But we now know he’s a tea drinker, which means he’s soared in our high estimations.

Like us, though, he spends his days doing a lot more than just sipping a good cuppa. Like eating delicious-looking meals cooked by his other half, tailoring his outfits for the British weather, mocking his fellow cast members’ sleeping faces and listening to Sexual Healing. That’s all in a day’s work for Bell at the Park Theatre, where he is currently starring in the venue’s festive offering Rapunzel.

The former Memphis The Musical star plays King Gerard in the tale of two royal parents-to-be trying to save mother and baby from a life-threatening illness. The answer, surprisingly, isn’t tea but a very special herb called Rapunzel.

Home cooked breakfast (prepared by my lady).

Rolan Bell: home-cooked breakfast

Morning dental hygiene routine. Keeping those pearly whites sparkly.

Rolan Bell: Teeth-cleaning

Prepping for a rainy day.

Rolan Bell: Rainy day

Tea to last a day.

Rolan Bell: Tea

Prepped and ready for the rain.

Rolan Bell: Umbrella

Early morning playlist.

Rolan Bell: Playlist

Coming into work on the Piccadilly line. Embracing the London rush.

Rolan Bell: Tube

Keeping it glamorous in Sainsbury’s.

Rolan Bell: Sainsbury's

Getting to work…

Rolan Bell: Arriving at work

Strict diet. A little bit of health combined with childhood fun… ahem.

Rolan Bell: Diet

King Gerard keeps hydrated.

Rolan Bell: Hydration

Mark Cameron sleeps with his eyes open. Spooky.

Rolan Bell: Sleeping selfie

A long day takes its toll!

Rolan Bell: Long day

Home cooked dinner (also prepared by my lady).

Rolan Bell: Home-cooked dinner


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