An enchanting new adaption of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic tale, The Snow Queen is a delightful production for the whole family this Christmas.

One day in the depths of winter, the Northern Lights appear suddenly in the sky. Though no one yet knows, the Snow Queen has arrived, looking for hidden children with magic powers.

The story follows young orphan Gerda who must save her best friend from the grasp of the Snow Queen, who has taken him away to the frozen north.

Though Gerda suspects it is a trap, she cannot abandon her friend and sets off on a long and difficult journey. Her adventure takes her through abduction by pirates, a great battle of elves and trolls – accompanied by her strange new friend – a reindeer!

Playing at the Rose Theatre Kingston, this ancient tale of love, friendship and growing up is given a magical makeover in this new adaptation, written and directed by Ciaran McConville. The cast features local talent from the Rose Youth Theatre alongside a professional cast,

Regardless of the weather outside, you can guarantee a white Christmas at the Rose Theatre this year, so step inside for some true festive magic.

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