Genre Entertainment
First Performance 20/05/2022
Booking Until 30/09/2023
Running Time 1h40, inc. interval

The Gunpowder Plot is a thrilling immersive experience which takes place in a purpose-designed immersive theatre space in Tower Vaults, at the UNESCO World Heritage Tower of London.

The vaults sit beneath the infamous Tower Hill site where much of the prelude to the Gunpowder Plot took place before Guy Fawkes’ torture and eventual death.

Experience history like never before.

Your five senses will ignite as you make a dangerous attempt to escape the Tower, uncover a secret safehouse, and make the daring journey along the Thames towards the Houses of Parliament. You’re not just witnessing history, you are part of it.

Creative Director Hannah Price says, “Everything we are working on is to make this dark and superbly rich world come to life, and this experience utterly unforgettable.”

You’re thrown into the world the plotters inhabited, immersed in an unforgettable, fully 360 environment. Using a combination of live theatre and the latest digital technology you will journey back in time and experience the deception first hand, but will you stop the plot?

The Gunpowder Plot writer Danny Robins says, “It’s like somebody made a brilliant movie version of The Gunpowder Plot and it came to life around you and exploded in your face with bits of Jacobean London flying at you.”

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