First Performance 18/03/2022
Booking Until 16/04/2023

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In the smouldering promise of the fall of Troy, a mythical world of gods and mortals rises from the ashes.

As Greece teeters on the brink of victory, the neon backstreets of Downtown Troy give way to a sprawling labyrinth hiding secrets even the prophecies could not foretell.

In this colossal playground, the furies watch on as mortals play out their fate.

And as night falls, the city comes alive.

One last time.

Here’s what you need to know about the experience

Set across two warehouses, The Burnt City is inspired by the events surrounding the fall of Troy. Inside you’ll discover a complete sensory world that is yours to explore at will, while the action unfolds around you. Move between the haunting palace of Greece to the pulsating neon back streets of downtown Troy. Follow strangers who emerge from the shadows and seek out tales hiding in the deepest parts of the city. Or simply sit and soak up the atmosphere.

Your visit

The world begins to come alive from the first time slot. There are six entry times and early slots are recommended for those who want the maximum amount of time to explore. Throughout the performance stories repeat simultaneously. There are multiple endings and it is not possible to see everything.

We ask all audiences to wear a Covid mask. On top of this you will wear one of Punchdrunk’s signature theatrical masks. This will give you anonymity throughout the performance to help you feel empowered to explore, and also make you distinguishable from the performers. These masks can be taken off in the bar area. Your Punchdrunk mask will be provided on entry and collected on exit. It will fit over most glasses. If you have the option, wearing contact lenses is recommended.

You will be on your feet and it can be difficult to remain with your companions. You may be invited to take a path exclusively open to you. To get the most out of the performance we recommend you go it alone, although it will always be your choice.

Cameras and mobile devices are not allowed anywhere except for the bar and will be bagged on arrival. Photography or filming is not permitted.

This is a promenade production and comfortable footwear is recommended including no heels or open toe shoes. There is no dress code however in the hot weather the buildings can be very warm so we suggest dressing light. Please note you will have to leave coats and bags in the cloakroom for an extra charge (see details below).


If you have access requirements, including using a wheelchair, you will need to book an Access Ticket via Punchdrunk directly. You will also be able to book a complimentary Essential Companion ticket.

Access Stewards are available to those with an Access Ticket. Please note they are unable to help with personal care needs.

If you have any questions about the content and facilities or would like to book, please email or leave a message at 0208 191 1431 and a member of the Punchdrunk team will get back to you.

Please note;

  • You will be required to wear a mask and be on your feet for up to three hours.
  • The experience is wheelchair accessible. It takes place across two levels with some areas only accessible to wheelchair users by lift (total maximum weight limit is 400kg). If you use a larger wheelchair some areas of the show will be restricted. Due to the existing architecture there is a minimum door width of 800mm. There are different types of lifts used in the different buildings (dimensions are 1m deep x 1.2m wide and 1.45m deep x 1m wide).
  • There are four accessible toilets in different locations across the site; one at the show entrance and three within the show world. Please note that there are no toilet facilities available in certain sections of the upper level.
  • There is no Changing Places facility on site.
  • There will be dark spaces, loud noises, strobe, haze and areas that some may find triggering.
  • The air quality inside may not be suitable for asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity, or other respiratory conditions.
  • For safety reasons, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart conditions, back or neck conditions, epilepsy, or any type of medical condition affecting the senses of smell, vision, or hearing. We would be very happy to discuss this with you, if you have any concerns.
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