Following a sell-out run at Traverse Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018,  The Greatest Play In The History Of The World… is transferring to Trafalgar Studios for six weeks only this winter.

The Greatest Play In The History Of The World… is the latest play by Ian Kershaw and is a heartwarming and funny play about space, about love, about shoes.

Set in 1977 Lancashire, at the launch of the Voyager space probes, this story straddles the cosmic and the mundane to tell a tale somewhere between a sci-fi fantasy and a romantic portrait of a sleepy street.

Somewhere on Preston Street a man wakes at 4.40 am to find that time has inexplicably stopped. Only two people are awake and moving: Tom at number 28 and Sara at number 27.

BAFTA nominee Julie Hesmondhalgh (Coronation Street, Broadchurch) puts on a stellar performance as the unnamed narrator, fleshing out the stories of the neighbourhood in charming fashion. Alone on the stage, she plucks pairs of shoes from boxes around her as she weaves her story to represent each character she speaks of.

It takes a brilliant actor to pull off an entirely monologued play, and Julie’s abilities truly shine in this performance, which won her The Stage Edinburgh Award in 2018.

A love-letter to science, mysticism and love itself, The Greatest Play In The History Of The World… is a weird and wonderful piece of life-affirming theatre that will leave you full of warmth and wonder at the world around you.



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