A caustic and comedic treatment of one woman’s depression, Dust transfers to Trafalgar Studios following award-winning runs in Edinburgh and London.

A woman. A suicide. A choice. A fly on the wall. A funeral. A Bakewell tart. A life. A lie. A truth. An ending. Of sorts. Alice thinks that life isn’t worth living. So she kills herself. Sort of. But she becomes stuck, a fly on the wall.

Forced to watch the aftermath of her suicide and its ripple effect on her family and friends, Alice quickly learns that death changes people. And that death is not the change she hoped for. Dust centres on depression, suicide – and everything that happens afterwards.

Dust is very much about life, about those who remain behind and how squeamish we are around death. How do you quantify a life? What if you lived as a miser but suddenly, in death, you’re a saint? And, if push came to shove, would your mother get your funeral right?

Written by Milly Thomas (Clique, BBC3) and directed by Sara Joyce, Dust was written using Thomas’ own experience of depression, and her desire to talk more about mental health in society today. She was awarded a Stage Edinburgh Award for her performance in Dust in Edinburgh 2017.

Written and performed with dynamism by Thomas herself, Dust is a refreshing, funny, but unflinching story which dares the audience to pass judgement – or else, show sympathy.

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