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Theatre Spot Test: The “Try Not To Sing Along” Challenge

By Robin Johnson, Published December 1, 2017

It’s Friday afternoon once again, December is upon us, and we’re firmly in the Christmas spirit at Official London Theatre towers. But before we head into the weekend, it’s time for our weekly Theatre Spot Test, and this time, it might just be our most challenging yet.

Yes, we’re challenging theatre fans far and wide to plug their headphones in, suppress their natural instincts, and tackle our “Try Not To Sing Along” Challenge! Below are a list of absolute-must-sing-along-doesn’t-matter-where-you-are musical theatre classics. Your challenge: don’t.

In order to play along, you must watch at least the first two minutes of each of the video clips below – and we mean watch (no cheating by looking at something else)! If, during that time, you find yourself humming, mouthing along, tapping your foot, singing, box-stepping, back-flipping… that’s a Fail for that clip; alternatively, if you don’t, it’s a Pass. And yes, you’ll have to score yourself on this one!

There’s just something about these songs that gets our mouths moving… so, headphones in? Laptop/computer/phone screens at the ready?

Good luck – and as ever, let us know how you did!

Song 1. A Defiant Start

If you’re determined to defy the lyrics, you could start by Defying Gravity with Wicked (clip of the show’s performance at the Tony Awards in 2004).

Song 2. You Can’t Stop This Quiz

Ramping up the difficulty, we’re pretty sure that You Can’t Stop The Beat (performance from the Hairspray Live! cast recording) right now.

Song 3. The Song Lives In You

You may not recognise the title, but we’re sure you’ll recognise the tune – the words, well… They Live In You (from Disney’s The Lion King).

Song 4. Chitty Chitty B- oh no

It’s the West End’s favourite car – and it’s impossible to resist his titular number: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Song 5. Let’s Do The Time Warp Again…

Okay, so we’re cheating a little here – but if you can even manage the first half of Time Warp from the incredible The Rocky Horror Show without busting a move, then kudos to you! (Clip from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Song 6. One Song More

Our final challenge; if you managed this one, you’re a more disciplined musical theatre fan than us! It’s One Day More from Les Misérables (10th anniversary concert performance).

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