The Mousetrap's Timothy O’Hara

Audience Award 2016: The Mousetrap

Published 3 March 2016

The Mousetrap is the world’s longest running show. The tale of murder most foul at a snowed up country guesthouse has given more than 25,000 performances since it opened in London in 1952. It has sold more than 426 tonnes of ice-cream to theatregoers. And if you everyone who’s seen The Mousetrap held hands they could hug the entire world and still wouldn’t divulge who the show’s culprit is.

Okay, that last stat was made up, but you get point; The Mousetrap is an incredible show with an incredible reputation and an incredible history. But it doesn’t have an Olivier Award to its name.

This is partly because Agatha Christie’s record-breaking tale opened decades before the awards were founded, so never stood a chance in the majority of categories.

It is, though, in the running for this year’s Magic Radio Audience Award. Cast member Timothy O’Hara told us why the show deserves your vote.

The Mousetrap is booking at the St Martin’s Theatre to 7 January. You can book tickets through us here.

Voting for the Magic Radio Audience Award has now closed.


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